Paris in September

and a few from my little Leica after I got tired of hauling my other camera around...

While in Normandy for a friend's wedding last September, we couldn't leave France without spending a few days in Paris! We went back to all of our favorite spots and of course tried a few new ones. We stayed at the new beautiful Hotel Henriette and mostly did what you do in Paris: walk until your feet feel like they're going to fall off. The best!!! Can't wait until our next excuse to go back.

d'Une Île

One of Blake's college buddies got married in Normandy last month, and we went a bit out of our way and extended our trip solely to stay at d'Une Île for a couple nights. Surrounded by Normandy's le Perche national forest, Dutch ex-pats Sofie and Michel run this charming, beautiful inn where, unless you want to drive to nearby towns to explore, the only thing to do is relax. We spent the days reading, walking, chatting, eating delicious meals (from Sofie) and drinking the most amazing organic wines (passionately chosen and explained by Michel). It was such a peaceful** getaway -- and this place is definitely a gem worth going out of the way for.


**except for the time we borrowed a car to get food in town and Blake drove stick without knowing how to drive stick and caused a 30-car backup on a country road.