Olivia Rae James is an editorial and wedding photographer based in Charleston, SC but willing to travel anywhere. Her aim is to capture the raw beauty of real moments. get in touch below or via email: hello@oliviaRaeJames.Com

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Nice Things People Have Said

Oh my gosh Olivia. I am sitting here in an OVC robe, weeping outside on the most beautiful porch, over the most beautiful photos! There are no words.

Thank you from the very bottom of my heart.
Your talent has exceeded every expectation.
— Ashley & Douglas
Working with Olivia was a dream come true. In addition to being so very talented, Olivia also has a kind and genuine soul— two qualities that help put a nervous bride at ease!
— Jen & Matt
Words really can’t express how awed I am at seeing these photos. I exclaimed “wowww” “wowwww” over and over again. We are so grateful for you!! Thank you so much.
— Natalie & JP
I just wanted to say thank you SO SO much for the beautiful photos. You and Melissa did such an amazing job and we couldn’t be happier with how the photos came out. You are so talented and we are so lucky that you were able to be a part of our big day!
— Meg & Bry
I went through all of the photos last night and I cannot find adequate words to express how beautiful they all are and how happy we are. You did such an incredible job and these pictures will serve to keep our memories of that special day vibrant in the years to come! Thank you a million times over.
— Melissa & Farayi
Just looked through all of these. Holy shit. We cannot THANK YOU guys enough. You are such talents and beautiful people inside and out. I’m going to look through again tonight while drinking a Bud and transport myself back!!! Uh incredible.
— Kate & Benj
OLIVIA OMG I AM IN LOVE!!!!!!! You did an AMAZING job and I can’t pick a favorite photo... seriously, the best... I have NO words. Thank you SO much for capturing our day and making it perfect.
— Faith & Jay
Olivia is a true artist, who perfectly captured the love, fun, and spirit of our wedding day. She and her assistant blended in so much that most of our guests never even noticed that we had a photographer. The result was hundreds of gorgeous photos that caught the flattering candor of everyone involved.
— Sarah & Sean